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How do happiness and joy work? Each one of us wants to be joyful and happy, but how does that work exactly?

Our availability to experience joy is in direct proportion to our ability to feel appreciation for our experience.

Moments of appreciation lead to joy.
Moments without appreciation will never know any joy.

Enjoy an Attitude of Gratitude

Unlimited Yoga Classes

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Unlimited Full Spa Access

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Only $199/month*

($268 Value)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Cancel anytime within first 21 days | Month-to-month membership
See “membership terms and conditions” page for details

Become your own temple of gratitude and happiness

Here’s how:

Opening & flowing – unlimited yoga classes
Calming & satisfying – unlimited meditation classes
Relaxing & rejuvenating – unlimited spa access
Purifying – wet sauna
Detoxing – dry sauna
Releasing – hot tubs
Recovering & energizing – cold tub
Enriching – member areas
Nourishing – health bar
Socializing – community space
Resting & napping – outdoor terrace & indoor quiet space
Accommodating – locker rooms, showers, personal mat storage
Simplifying – robes, towels & yoga mats offered


The secret to deep enjoyment is gratitude…. Gratitude for the richness already within us and already around us.

Picture yourself living in a state of grace, smoothly, peacefully navigating the rising and falling, the twisting and turning of circumstance. Ups and downs appear naturally in each of our lives. Relating gracefully with our circumstances, whatever they may be, is what leads to peace. Having gratitude for the natural richness already present is what brings about our joy.

Holding what we are already grateful for in our heart and in our mind’s eye… influences our mood, brightens our mind, enriches our feelings.

Not holding that gratitude in our heart and in our awareness also influences our mood, depresses our mind, impoverishes our feelings.

So the enjoyment choice is always ours. Attitude of gratitude, or no attitude of gratitude?

Most likely we heard this a long time ago, in Kindergarten even. Every adult most likely “knows” this already…. And yet who among us is so overwhelmed with joy?

“Knowing” is not enough. Gratitude must be practiced; applied; integrated.

To integrate this wisdom requires some amount of dedication to the practice of appreciation and gratitude. We need to devote some time and space to growing this attitude and to growing our joy.

As much as we could invest in certain projects, (all in the name of happiness and gain) how much are we actually invested in developing our joy?!

Projects don’t bring joy. Capacity to appreciate brings joy. It’s the latter that needs expansion if we are to have more sustained happiness in our lives… we certainly don’t need more projects.

We CAN feel a constant thread of deep joy and happiness… but only if we get deeply intimate with our appreciation and our gratitude. There is no other way.

Studio Bliss and Le Saint Jude encourage each and all of us to cultivate an “Attitude of Gratitude” more and more throughout our lives.

We are so grateful these days for our collaboration, for our teams, for our members, for the opportunity to serve and add to people’s healthy living, healthy hearts, bodies, minds. Thank you so very much for making us a part of your life in small ways and in big ways. You bring meaning to our lives and we’re so grateful.

May you harvest peace and joy! 🙂


Is my robe and towel included what do I have to bring?
Bring flip flops and a bathing suit

What services do you have in the spa?
Steamroom, sauna, hot baths, cold bath, rest areas

Do you have lockers?
Yes electronically secured lockers are provided

Do you have showers?
Yes, a shower with soap is required prior to entering the spa

What do I have to wear for massages?
During professional massages you may be nude or wear underwear whichever leaves you most comfortable

Do I use the spa before or after my massage?
You can use the spa before and/or after your massage

When does my yoga + spa membership expire?
How do I cancel or suspend?
This is a month to month membership. Cancel anytime in the first 21 days after that you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice, although at this price you should probably consider a “suspension” 😉 See Terms & Conditions for details.

Can I buy this as a gift for a friend?
Yes! Wow! Your friend will love you forever!

Can I share my yoga and spa package with a friend?
This membership is designed to take care of you and only you! But probably a good idea to share the magic (and this page) with your friends and loved ones 🙂