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Massage techniques from all over the world; Thai Yoga, Californian, Shiatsu, Swedish, and more.

You Voted Us the Best Massage Studio in Montreal

Year after year, regular and occasional visitors alike have voted us the best studio they’ve visited in Montreal.

But we’re not asking you to believe us; book a massage and come experience Bliss for yourself.

Why get a Massage?

Whether you’re looking to unwind, recover from an injury, treat chronic pain, depression or anxiety, there are so many benefits that come from a routine of self-care.

Touch, particularly by a licensed massage therapist, provides a multitude of benefits. Our therapists work with you to help regain or maintain balance of mind and body.

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There are 6 ways to experience Bliss:


With some of the most skilled massage therapists in Montreal, we offer a wide range of massages including Shiatsu, California, Swedish, Thai Yoga, Prenatal, and our glorious Bliss Massage.

Monthly Massage Memberships

With a Monthly Massage Membership, you benefit from exclusive member rates, helping you establish a wellness routine and treatment of your choice, every month.

Massage Multi-Packs

The Multi-Packs offer great savings and are shareable! A great way to care for your body with the option to share your multi-pack with those you care about. Options of 5 or 10 Packs of massages.


Our Clients Love Us

“I never do google reviews, but I thought these guys deserved it. I think I’ve had something like 6 different massage therapists there and I have really loved them all. Very professional, thorough, and they clearly care about targeting the areas you want them to. Not outrageously priced either. The studio is calm and comfy but not so fancy it’s intimidating–a real escape from the bustle of the city.”

Laura K

My husband and I have been getting regular massages at Studio Bliss for years now. It is by far the best place we have been to in Montreal. The staff are professional and inviting, the massages are incredible (no matter what type of massage you’re looking for), and the ambiance is so relaxing. Furthermore, the prices are more than reasonable. We highly recommend Studio Bliss to all our friends and family.

Rashi K

I love this place. I have been getting monthly massages at Studio Bliss for a few months […] The massage therapists are excellent and very professional, the front desk staff is polite and friendly, and they are very organized and ready to do their best accommodate my last minute massage scheduling habits. Totally worth checking out!

Thiago F

[…] The massages are superb as well. They are registered massage therapists, so it is covered by some health insurances! There are some good packages where you can combine spa and massage, so you can have top quality for a fair price! I love studio bliss 🙂

Sadie C

Ready to take charge of your wellness?

With many options and our variety of expertise we strive to be the perfect partner in helping you achieve a healthy body and mind. Whether it is an occasional visit or a membership to take a proactive approach to your health, we offer the perfect service or package for you.