Are you a casual massage-goer or is this part of your lifestyle? While a yearly escape for a massage is nice, we see the most benefit when we make relaxation and body work part of our routine.

Whether we help you start your week on the right foot, provide closure at the end of the week or needed relief on demand – our memberships are a great choice.


Comprehensive Monthly Memberships to help you build a healthy routine.

Monthly Massage Membership

Starting at $69 per month for a 60 minute massage of your choice. Unlimited sharing at your member price when a guest comes with you. Referral bonuses. Could it get any more relaxing? The only thing more laid-back than this membership is if you added in the spa… 


Monthly Massage + Spa Membership

For the royalty of relaxers, the high court of letting go, the president of zen. Get a single spa visit with each massage, or come every day with unlimited daytime access or unlimited anytime access options, allowing you to tailor your Monthly Massage + Spa Membership

  • Monthly Massage with Single Spa access at the time of your massage: starting at $95 for a 60 minute massage
  • Monthly Massage with Unlimited Daytime Spa (valid before 5pm, every day of the month): starting at $159 for a 60 minute massage and unlimited daytime spa access throughout the month. 
  • Monthly Massage with Unlimited Anytime Spa access: starting at $174 for a 60 minute massage and unlimited spa access anytime!

To purchase, please call us at (514) 286-0007 or purchase on your desktop by clicking on the options below.


Take care of your body and it will take care of you

Book a massage today and start working with one of our licensed massage therapists to reconnect with your body.