Your Spa Escape at the Heart of Le Plateau Montreal

In collaboration with Le Saint-Jude, we offer a sanctuary close to home. With a Hammam (wet sauna), dry sauna, water circuit, and indoor relaxation area and rooftop terrace, it’s hard to imagine a better way to unwind.

The Power of Consistency

We have a deep respect for the power of a healthy routine. With our Massage + Spa Multi-Packs we make it effortless for you to incorporate time to care for your body and mind into your schedule. Buy 3 or more Massage + Spa visits and save $30 to $47 per visit.

Massage + Spa Access

With various membership and multi-pack options, we hope to help you incorporate regular body work and mental relaxation into your life.

What is a water circuit?

A water circuit typically involves three steps and can be repeated and modified as desired.

1. Heating up. Typically, 15-30 minutes are spent in a warm environment. Studies have shown that saunas have positive cardiovascular effects and may help clear toxins from the body through sweating. We offer both a Hammam and a dry sauna as options. You can read more about these below. 

2. Cooling down. Spend from a few seconds up to a few minutes in the cold pool and breathe! The shock typically lasts about 30 seconds and can be greatly alleviated by breathing deeply. In this step, blood vessels in our extremities contract and drive oxygenated blood towards our most important organs.

3. Reset. Pick a comfortable place to sit or lie down, either inside or on the rooftop terrace and feel your body adjust. It is common to spend 10-15 minutes as your body naturally finds balance. It is in this stage that many people report an intense feeling of bliss.

Repeat! It is common to perform the entire circuit a few times, all while listening to your body. You can trade out one sauna for the other, add in a hot tub, whatever feels good!


Modern facilities in a renovated church at Le Saint-Jude

  • Hammam: The Hammam is inspired by traditional Turkish baths, which feature a steam room to detoxify and cleanse the body. Our Hammam is scented with eucalyptus which pleasantly envelops you as your body warms up and encourages blood circulation.
  • Dry Sauna: The dry sauna provides countless benefits. In Finland, where most of the studies have taken place (due to a strong sauna culture), they have shown saunas to lower the rate of fatal heart problems, lower rates of hypertension, and decrease rates of dementia. As with the Hammam, the heat promotes circulation and sweating helps flush the body of toxins.
  • Cold pool: OUF! The perfect dip after a sit in the sauna. While your first moments in the cold pool might be intense, the contrast can help your body find a calming sense of balance. Our cold pool features a waterfall which provides a relaxing ambience.
  • Hot tubs: Our rooftop terrace boasts two hot tubs, a large one with a waterfall and another one adjacent. A great place to let go; the bubbling water and waterfall providing the perfect backdrop to your relaxation.
  • Two lounge areas: indoor and a rooftop terrace.

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Massage & Spa Multi-Packs

With a variety of options, regular massage & spa visits are well within reach. Our larger packs offer unlimited sharing. Our larger packs offer unlimited sharing, while with our memberships you can gift visits to family and friends at your member price!

1 x Massage & Spa

This one massage and one spa package is a great option to come get your feet wet! You can use your spa visit before your massage to soften and relax your muscles or visit the spa after your massage to deepen your relaxation!

3 x Massage & Spa

Not ready for the high dive? Our 3-packs offer savings for those still exploring. See how a regular massage and spa program fits into your lifestyle and start noticing the benefits.


5 x Massage & Spa

Starting at our 5-packs, you can now share your spa and massage passes! Share with your partner, friends or family and enjoy bliss together. Total savings of over $100.


10 x Massage & Spa

The high dive. The best savings and most flexible, with unlimited sharing. The perfect choice for those who are ready to take their physical and mental health into their own hands. Total savings of over $350.

Not interested in purchasing massages upfront? Our memberships offer the benefit of a significant discount on massage and spa packages, without the upfront cost*. With Monthly Massage & Spa Memberships starting at $95 and Monthly Massage Memberships starting at $69 you can’t go wrong. These memberships also offer unlimited sharing with your guests, as well as a referral bonus**, so you and all your loved ones can benefit.

*There is a 6-month commitment with massage or massage & spa memberships

**$10 referral bonus for any new customer that you bring in. Let our staff know before you buy your massage that you are bringing in a referral. 

Ready for a wholesome routine?

Starting a new routine can be a Herculean task. We’ve prepared a number of packages and membership options which can help solidify self-care as part of your routine. Our licensed therapists can then help you take proactive care of your mental and physical wellbeing.